Wholebody Creative Change

Wholebody Creative Change

Where Lynette Lancini provides experiential training in embodiment and wholeness… via music- and movement-based participatory events and training in Wholebody Focusing.

Wholebody Focusing is a relational somatic practice in which the Self is experienced as a global field of body-environment-situation.

Wholebody Focusing founder Kevin McKevenue, a certified Alexander Technique teacher, integrated the Alexander way of knowing with Focusing. 

Focusing is a research-based practice for facilitating change, articulated by philosopher and psychotherapist Gene Gendlin.

Focusing is the capacity to pause the current situation and offer open awareness to something which is directly experienced but not yet in words: from here forms a bodily sense of our next right steps for living. Gendlin created the terms ‘felt sense’ and ‘felt shift’ to describe this phenomena.

Wholebody Focusing puts us directly in touch with the body wisdom. It brings a strengthening of the whole person through an exploration of the dynamic space of being physically grounded in a sense of wholeness, while holding with equal regard something in me that wants my attention now.

Book a training session with me and experience the deeply human qualities of this embodied form of self-care in your own life situations and way of being.

Wholebody Creative Change

Wholebody Creative Change is where my training as a Focusing professional (Wholebody) meets my practice as a creative musician and movement practitioner.

Sharing this playful co-emergent space with others is the context in which I feel at my most alive, and is the source of my vocation.

The quality of inner-directed physical movement that is activated in Wholebody Focusing generates forms of new intuitive music and movement which fascinate me as a composer, improvising pianist, vocalist, and mover. It is a generative field from which fresh ways of devising new work and performance practices emerge.

With the skill set of Wholebody Focusing, we create a space for experiencing wholeness of Self and ways of meeting that are complementary and non-competitive. In doing so, places in us that have learned to shut down awaken to their own possibilities for living newly.

Allow me to support you in experiencing, learning and practicing the skills of Wholebody Creative Change and Focusing for yourself. Events and one to one & group trainings can be crafted to meet your area of specific interest, need or expertise.

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Wholebody Creative Change

Training & FAQs

I’m available for one to one & group Wholebody Creative Change and Focusing training
  • in person (where practicable)
  • via Skype
  • or Google Hangouts
  • or over the phone

Book a training session with me Lynette Lancini and experience this deeply human form of embodied self-care and creative exploration in your own life situations and way of being.

Send me a booking enquiry now, I’ll get back to you right away.

    Training in Wholebody Creative Change and Focusing increases resilience of the whole person, and nurtures the ability to live from a place of inner-directedness.

    By coming into compassionate receptivity with our inner experiencing, we learn to deeply receive what our body knows about our situations. This skill set develops person-to-person. My first Focusing teacher Bev Stevenson often said to me ‘Focusing is caught, not taught’.

    Short answer: Focusing is a form of Bodyfulness.

    Here’s a beautiful metaphor used by philosopher and founder of Focusing Gene Gendlin to differentiate between Mindfulness and Focusing:

    Mindfulness is a great development, because it develops a strong, independent attention rather than getting caught up in emotions and stories.

    But in the usual way of doing mindfulness we sit at the head of the stairs and look at everything that comes up the stairs. With Focusing awareness, we can go downstairs and have the un-caught-up kind of attention there, in the body.”

    At the start of a training session, we take time to come into Grounded Presence, connecting to wholeness of self, the environment, and each other.

    From this bodily-felt spaciousness, movements of unwinding and expanding, and inner-directed movements which have a specificity and order of the body’s own making may arise.

    We might offer an invitation to the body to show us something related to our life – a specific issue, situation or creative challenge. Or we might explore what’s emergent from the dynamic relational terrain between us in the modality of a Wholebody Heartfelt Conversation.

    Allowing language, music or movement to arise from our direct experiencing, we participate in a form of creative co-emergence.

    The way we hold our situations happens on the level of body organisation. Within the container of Focusing and Wholebody Creative Change interactions, we participate consciously with our direct wholebody experience.

    From our body’s implicit knowing emerges precise information about our next right steps for living and making, and with this, a restructuring of the provisional concepts that shape us.

    Lynette embodies a deeply grounded presence, from which she launches playfully and with curiosity into exploration of the possibilities of the moment. She creates a space in which I feel supported to connect with my own embodied presence and from here to embark on a creative exploration of both individual and collaborative possibility.

    Alex Westaway – yoga teacher and creatrix

    Lynette’s ability to tune into the individual and the group and then translate this into the most sublime musical expression was extraordinary..

    Sarah Sacks – psychotherapist @ The Grove Counselling and Therapy

    Coming to know, play, work and think with Lynette over the last few years has been a big part of the flourishing of my current artistic and reflective practice – opening up to what the body wants, what it knows, how an immersion in sound and space can facilitate this.

    Lynette’s open playfulness, caring concern and rigorous thoughtfulness make it very refreshing and rewarding to be involved in the workshops and sessions she runs. I feel supported, and given space just for the ‘deep-whatever’ to turn up and let it flourish.

    Luke Jaaniste – sonic artist, writer, facilitator and Director, Mesmerism + Co-director, Super Critical Mass

    I have always cherished attending and being able to take with me a bit of magic from movement workshops and circles facilitated by Lynette over the last 8 years. The journeys that she helps me build, reconnect with and express are powerful, fun, resonant and always welcome in my busy life.

    Shireen Hoffmann – Design Director @ studioEYE & Director @ Ameretat Essentials

    Lynette is adventurous, curious and honest and a talented musician. Her facilitation is gentle, accepting and respectful: it feels like you are experimenting together rather than being led in a certain direction.

    Jacinda Doogue – Counsellor and Life Coach @ WellBeMe

    ..she draws together like-minded explorers and creates a nurturing zone for uninhibited play and personal exploration.

    Roland Adeney – musician, interactive designer, lecturer

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