Foundations of Wholebody Focusing

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3 day workshop on Foundations of Wholebody Focusing

Module One


LOCATION: Brisbane Quaker Meeting House, 10 Hampson Street, Kelvin Grove
DATE: 9:30am-5:30pm, Monday 1 – Wednesday 3 June, 2015
COST: $450 Early Bird / $500 after 20 May
FACILITATORS: Karen Whalen, Ph.D and Lynette Lancini
ENQUIRE: 0401 401 502 /
PDF Brochure: Foundations of Wholebody Focusing

“Wholebody Focusing reconnects us to our innate Body Wisdom, rebooting our life stoppages and opening us up to the fullness of life”. – Whalen and McEvenue

Wholebody Focusing is an experiential BodyMind practise which reconnects us to the vitality and intelligence of the conscious living body. Within each of us is an inner knowing of the right life-forward direction toward healing and fulfillment. Wholebody Focusing is a natural process that invites the power of bodily consciousness to awaken this inner knowing of the whole living body inter-connected to the living body of the environment.

The human organism contains an embodied blueprint of how it should be. Through purposeful inner directed movements of the body’s own making, fresh life energies are activated in our body and being that have been blocked or stopped because of habitual response patterns (patterns of movement, structure, posture, and ways of being) related to trauma, challenging life events, or chronic stress.

Module One

Step 1: Relationship to Self

Wholebody Focusing allows me to experience myself in a bodily felt sensing way, from the safety of a whole and healthy Self in grounded presence. The conscious living body can be trusted to reconnect itself and me as an integral part of the living world body. This much larger Body Wisdom knows how to generate the next steps to carry forward my life situations, relationships, and organismic life processes. The self-aware living body, intimately connected to the living body of the environment, can move my life forward in surprising, non-efforting, and fulfilling ways.

Workshop participants will experience the six phases of Wholebody Focusing and training in how to use this process to support their everyday living. We will be highlighting skills training in wholebody listening to ourselves, our environment and others, Grounded Presence to Grounded Presence.

Step 2: Relationship of Me Here to You There

When I listen and resonate with my experiencing in a wholebody way, I am contacting my organismic wholeness. The dynamic inter-relational field of shared presence we will be exploring together opens us up to more connected and creative ways of navigating challenging relationships or client-based situations. I discover freshly that in meeting You There from a sense of wholeness of self, I find more of Me Here, not less. Your presence in a wholebody way, touches me in a surprising and life giving manner.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in conscious living and connecting directly to their own inner directed Body Wisdom. It will be of particular interest to person-centered, relational therapists, and body/movement oriented practitioners within the helping professions.

Prior experience or knowledge is not needed.

Workshop fee includes Course Manual and all morning and afternoon teas.

Karen Whalen, Ph.D, is a Person-Centered clinical therapist specializing in Complex Trauma in private practise in Canada. She is a Certifying Coordinator of the Focusing Institute in New York. Karen integrates energetic models of consciousness (Qi-Gong, Polarity Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Consciousness) with the practise of Wholebody Focusing and WBF Oriented Therapy. She teaches extensively in North America, Europe, China, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia. Read articles by Karen and listen to a conversation between Karen and Serge Prengel at

Lynette Lancini is a Wholebody Focusing Trainer and artist at play across the fields of music, movement and wellbeing. A community facilitator of creative participative co-emergence, Lynette brings novel and playful dimensions to the ways in which people experience themselves. A fluid and intuitive pianist, her compositions have been performed, broadcast and toured by the Muses Trio, Topology and the Queensland Orchestra.

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